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Dynamic Warm up (full Body)

March 26, 2019 | Ryan Heickert, MS, ATC at Function & Strength

A Dynamic Warm Up is a very important part of any workout.  To simply put it, you should be using the dynamic warm up to wake up the muscles you plan using in your workout that day.  Static stretching is essentially putting your muscles to sleep, when you are about to workout you want your muscles to be stimulated not “sleeping”.  The Dynamic warm up does just that. 

Most of these exercises will be performed for 10 -20 yards, with the exception of Spiderman, Pump Stretch, Pass Thru & Good Mornings.  These exercises will be performed for repetitions.  10 each side for the Spiderman and 10 – 15 total reps for the Pump stretch, Pass Thru and Good mornings. 

High Knee Hug 

Leg Cradle 

High Toe 

High Toe with Reach 

Side Stretch 

Monster Walks 


Pump Stretch 

Pass Thru  

Good Mornings 

Jogging High Knees 

Butt Kicks 

Side Shuffle 


Here is a sample week Upper/Lower Split program for an intermediate lifter.  The Focus of this Program is on Strength.  They Program does contain some elements of Power and Hypertrophy but is not the main focus. This Program is great for someone looking to improve strength gains but still see some improvements in hypertrophy.  This program also has some beginner Olympic Lifitng in the beginning to work on power and also to perfect some technique before moving onto some more difficult lifts.  Remember, Technique is always the most important thing.  Don’t focus on how much weight you lift, that will come as the technique gets better. Function and Strength = Results (F x S = Results) 

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