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The Art of Will Power

April 16, 2019 | Ryan Heickert, MS, ATC at Function & Strength

A lifestyle change takes will power. When it comes to making a change in your diet, a major factor that you must consider is “how much accountability will I have to make to make this happen?" Why must you ask yourself this, because you cannot separate the stressors in your life. If work is stressing you out, the children schedules are stressing you out, your car broke down, and you cannot get to the gym, your will power is definitely being tested. A person can only endure so much before their will is broken. Will power is being able to handle these situations and by adding something else, a hard to follow diet

one is surely going to break.

When picking a “diet” your first thought should be “how stressful will this for me to do?” “Can I see myself doing this in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years from now?” If the answer is no, then that is not the right lifestyle change for you and it’s back to the drawing board. Making a life style change that you can live with and see you doing long term is the right one. That’s why asking yourself what will take the least amount of will power for me to do is so important. Most people do it backwards and think that whatever “diet” takes the most amount of will power is the best. At some point, you will stop, and go back to old habits that have gotten you to the point where you started. The key is making a lifestyle change as easy as possible. Help yourself succeed, can don’t set yourself up for failure.

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