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Team Training

Team Training

Function & Strength is the place to train for you or your team to get to the next level. Begin to train at the level you play and see your teams drive increase. When training in a competitive state of mind, your team will learn how to push themselves to that next level. They will find confidence in this and learn to win together and through each other will create a bond that leads to championships. The Strength Coach dedicated to your team will determine proper training volumes, restoration and recovery around heavy competition schedules and teach your team how to live the athlete lifestyle.  Your program will consist of speed and agility, power, strength, and sport specific conditioning. As with all training at Function & Strength, programming and exercise selection will be completely tailored to the physical demands and limitations of your team- you are only as strong as the weakest link. Don’t let that link be strength and conditioning.


Team Training starts at $125 an hour

(between 10-20 athletes)

(Training can be done at our facility or yours!)

Team Testing

Do you know what shape your team is in? There is only one way to find out. Test them! At Function and Strength (FXS) we offer team testing using state of the art technology. FXS's certified coaches will take your team through a series of tests to determine power, speed, and condition.  We offer three tiers of  testing; each one a little more complex than the next. Once your team has been tested FXS will compile all the results into a shareable spreadsheet to the coaches.  The spreadsheet will outline the teams' strength/weaknesses and ways in which to improve so that the athletes are reaching their highest potential. 



Test Include:

  • Grip Strength

  • Vetical Jump

    • with pause

    • counter movement

  • MB Chest Pass

  • 60 Yard  Shuttle


Test Time: 45-60 min

(time based off 10-15 athletes)



Test Includes:

Bronze Backage Plus 2 test from below:

  • 10 yd Sprint

  • Flying 10 yd Sprint

  • Pushup

  • Pullups*

  • 150 yd Shuttle Run

Test Time: 60-75min 

(time based off 10-15 athletes)




Test Include:

Silver Package Plus:

  • Aerobic Endurance Test*

*These test are run at FXS or a facility with proper equiptment


Test Time: 90-120 min or 2 x 60 min sessions

(time based off 10-15 athletes)


*Please note for teams larger than 15 players there will be additional costs. 


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