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RDR Room




Function and Strength's R.D.R room is free for all paying members who participate in our adult classes, sports performance and personal training. For non members it is a $15 drop in rate. For how it could benefit you read below. 

Benefits for Sports Performance:

Keeping an athlete healthy has progressed way past just injury prevention exercises.  The relationship between recovery and fatigue and its effect on sports performance has been a growing area of concern over the past few years.  A proper balance between stress (sport, training, and other life demands (school, family, money, sleep, etc) is a must for athletes to achieve a continuous high-level of sports performance.  This is why we want to invest in the R.D.R. room for our athletes. Many things can cause stress in an athlete's life and there is not one proven way to help people recover, de-stress and restore from these stressors.  The R.D.R. room located within Function and Strength's gym contains many amenities such as Air Compression Sleeves (upper and lower body), Eye and Foot Massagers, Acupressure Mats, Heat Therapy, Cold Water Immersion Therapy, and an indoor sauna.






Benefits for Personal Training and Strength Class Clients:

The R.D.R. room is not only for athletes. Living a long healthy life involves many factors, and one of the most important that is being researched and brought to the forefront is stress management. Recover, De-Stress and Restore are all stress management factors.  Being “stressed” means that we are in a Sympathetic State (the fight or flight response) and to Recover, De-Stress, and Restore we need to get to Parasympathetic State. Our body can not tell the difference between stressors, so working out stress for work, family, financial, etc is the same to the body. Our hope with the R.D.R. room is to allow our clients to find a way to break the Sympathetic State and get to a Parasympathetic, even if it’s only for 10-20 minutes at a time while in the R.D.R. room.  Many things can cause stress in a person's life and there is no one proven way to help people recover, de-stress and restore from these stressors. This is why the R.D.R. room will offer a variety of modalities and is available to all function and strength guests with a monthly training plan. 

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