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Multidirectional Plyometrics for Athletes Vol 1 Video

Multidirectional Plyometrics for Athletes Vol 1 Video

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When most coaches think of developing plyometric power we think of countermovement jumps, box jumps, broad jumps, and depth jumps. Although these types of exercises should definitely be included in everyone's program they don't take into account all of the patterns of movement an athlete will see on the field of play. Athletes are moving forward and backwards at all different angles. To better develop power in these patterns all coaches should include multidirectional plyometrics in their programs.

This video goes over everything from strengthening the feet and ankles, utilizing tools such as boxes and bands to facilitate better movement, training the upper body for better change of direction ability, and incorporating these types of drills in your speed training.


 Lee Taft - “I have had the distinct privilege of watching Jason teach his multi-directional plyometric strategies for some time now. I am consistently impressed with his grasp of how to breakdown and progress the skills so athletes of all abilities can perform. His understanding of the science and mechanics of movement is very strong and he is able to break it down into easy to understand concepts. The Multidirectional Plyometric for Athletes is a must for every coaches library.”

Michelle Bolland- "Function & Strength's Multidirectional Plyometrics for Athletes Vol 1 Video was fantastic! I purchased the video because I wanted to fill a gap in my knowledge and application of speed, change of direction, plyometrics, and multidirectional power training strategies. Ryan Heickert and Jason Feairheller have now become my go-to for this information. Fitness and performance professionals often have a knowledge gap in methodologies and rationale behind improving speed. This video provides you the tools to be able to implement various components of speed to get your clients and athletes moving faster and more efficiently. In the volume 1 video, they provide great verbal cues you can implement right away and rationale for each plyometric exercise. I recommend this video to anyone interested in getting their clients and athletes faster and teaching them new movement skills"

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