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Athlete Training Programs

About our Training

How fast can you run? How high can you jump? What is your reactive strength index (RSI)? How fast are you moving the barbell? How much eccentric and concentric force can you produce? How quickly does your heart rate drop after a maximum effort conditioning interval? Improving these numbers correlates to improved speed, strength, power, and conditioning.

In order to get the most out of your training you should have answers to all of these questions. We utilize technology and devices including timing systems, a kBox, Open Barbell, curved treadmills, G Flight, and heart rate monitors to track all of these numbers to get the most out of our athletes. If you aren’t tracking numbers you are just guessing whether or not you are getting better as an athlete.

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Are you doing workouts to get better or are you training? Training implies following a program to reach a specific goal and that’s what you should be doing to reach your potential. Each program is based off the statement, “TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE.” Every single drill and exercise that is prescribed to each athlete is done to elicit a specific training response that will improve their performance. This includes everything from the drills during the warm up, the type of speed training they are doing, the strength program they are following, and also the type of conditioning protocol they are following. All our options for our athletes are below. You can click on an option or  scroll through and pick a program that works best for you.

Sports Performance

 60 min Training Session

Drop In


 90 Min Summer Training Session

3 Month Commitment

2x a week-$280

3-5x a week- $350

 Month- Month

2x a week-$280

3-4x a week- $350

See Schedule Below

Drop In


The Workout


We break down our training sessions in to 3 main components:

Speed training: Speed is the most sought-after component in all sports which is why we spend a large portion of everything training session teaching athletes how to move faster and more efficiently when starting, stopping, changing direction, cutting, and reaching max velocity. Just like any other sports skill like throwing a baseball or shooting a basketball, speed can be taught.  It’s this expertise that sets us apart from other sports performance facilities.

Strength training: Our strength training is done with a specific purpose of helping the athlete get faster. We will modify sets, reps, and the speed of the movement to create a powerful, strong, and explosive athlete.

Conditioning: Conditioning for most sports is focused on developing the repeat sprint ability of an athlete. You don’t want to be the athlete who makes a good play, but is gassed the rest of the game. Using a specific protocol our athletes develop a strong aerobic and anaerobic capacity to allow them to not get tired and make plays at the end of the game.

Three Month Enrollment

We recommend this enrollment for athletes looking to make significant improvements in their speed, power, and strength development. For higher level athletes we recommend training 3 to 4 times a week to make the most progress. Committing to three months of training will get the athlete prepared for their upcoming season. For In season athletes committing to three months of training 1-2x/week will ensure the gains made in speed, power, and strength will not be lost during the season due to detraining.

***A credit card must be on file unless the 3 months are paid in full. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

One Month Enrollment

We recommend this enrollment for athletes looking to try out our program on a trial basis. Because of the length of the learning process, we do not recommend this option for athletes serious about long term improvement.

***A credit card must be on file for all one month enrollments. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Spots Performance
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