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Our Partners


TribeTraining and Wellness

Function and Strength is working with Tribe Training and Wellness.


Hello! I'm Keri Heickert and I started tribe training and wellness to help women and men find strength to overcome obstacles with food and make efforts to create a more healthy lifestyle.

I am dedicated to my efforts to educate women/men about the facts- that fast weight loss is not maintainable and working out endlessly is not the answer. I help women, and men, learn what full feels like and that eating food for a purpose encourages different food choices and allows you to enjoy an unrestricted, guilt-free diet. Also, allowing the ability to obtain an optimal body composition at the same time.

Please contact me if you want to help pave the way for a healthier lifestyle one meal at a time. Food is fuel! 😀

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Movement Evolved LLC

Function and Strength is proud to be partners with Dr. Aron McConnell and Movement Evolved LLC. Movement Evolved utilizes a different kind of physical therapy approach. Typically, physical therapy requires office visits 2-3x per week for several weeks in order to treat specific problems. Although this approach is widely used and generally successful, Dr. McConnell uses a different method with fewer visits and more of an emphasis on corrective and restorative movements based on detailed assessment.

Office visits are typically 2x per month (Sundays) for 60-minute one-on-one sessions. The goal of each session is to address primary concerns through manual therapy and exercise as well as develop a corrective exercise program with better movement habits. This allows for clients to become more independent sooner to correct dysfunction and decrease pain.


If you are interested in scheduling an initial assessment or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. McConnell through one of the methods below.

Email:         Phone: 484-589-0690


For Initial Consultations Forms Click Here.


Valley Forge Minutemen

About the Valley Forge Minutemen

 The Valley Forge Minutemen Hockey Club is committed to developing youth hockey players from Mite to Midget. We teach young athletes fundamental and advanced hockey skills and team concepts. We emphasize the importance of education, nutrition, off-ice training and rest/recovery. We value hard work and reward commitment, honesty, loyalty and respect for the game of hockey. We take pride in advancing our players to the highest level.



Our program is committed to the development of all student-athletes by placing an emphasis on:


  • Quality Coaches

  • Fundamental skill development through proper instruction and repetition.

  • Instilling the values of character, integrity, sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • Having fun while competing hard with pride, discipline and respect for the game.

  • Commitment to teamwork and accountability.


Radnor Aquatic Club

The Radnor Aquatic Club (RAC) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports the community through a wide array of organized swimming programs for children of all ages. The club's main objective is to build a positive attitude towards the sport of swimming amongst all children, ranging from the developmental to the national level swimmer. 

At the developmental level, our central focus is having fun and making our swimmers technically sound so that all children in the Radnor community are water safe.  As children progress and improve their swimming skills, we offer them the opportunity to swim on our Varsity squad.  Here, they continue to improve their technique and learn what being a member of a team entails.  We pride ourselves on the team spirit, camaraderie, support and sportsmanship that our swimmers demonstrate every day at both practices and swim meets.  These are traits that will serve them well in life, in and out of the water.  As our swimmers get older and progress to the national level, we focus further on technique and endurance in order to prepare them to move from high school to college swimming, with an increased passion for the sport.

RAC is a member of the Suburban Aquatic League(SAL) and the Mid-Atlantic Zone.  Swimmers on the Varsity Team participate in both SAL and USA meets. All team members registered for both SAL and USA Swimming.


Lower Merion Aquatic Club

The mission of the Lower Merion Aquatic Club (“LMAC”) program is to develop skills in the sports of competitive swimming and diving; to help athletes use those skills to excel in their chosen sport; to teach good sportsmanship; to offer children of all ages a means to improve physical fitness; and to provide a means of healthy self-expression for those participating.  


LMAC currently has use of three pools:  Lower Merion High School, Saint Joseph’s Maguire Pool (located in the Fieldhouse) and Saint Joseph’s O’Pake Pool (located on the Merion side of campus, former Episcopal Academy).


Friends' Central School

Friends' Central School is an independent, coeducational Quaker day school founded in 1845 and serving approximately 750 students in Nursery through grade 12. Located in the Philadelphia suburbs, the School has two campuses. The Upper Schools is located just outside of West Philadelphia in Wynnewood. 

The exceptional faculty at Friends' Central offers a curriculum that is both challenging and thoughtful, cultivating the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth of our students. Our pedagogy is grounded in continuing revelation, reflection, integrity, and a willingness to accept responsibility. From Nursery to grade 12, our students participate in a process designed to foster creative, critical, and flexible thinking, along with compassion. As they transform from playful children to skilled, self-possessed teenagers, they are always intellectually curious and engaged thinkers. Friends' Central prepares graduates to succeed in college and in life


Hellfish MMA

Hellfish MMA is located within out facility. What makes their training system so successful is they show you how to train, how to peak for events, what to eat, the importance of recovery, the best exercises to use, and more! If you are looking for a professional resource to help you improve, to help you reach the next level of competition; to help you perform optimally, to improve your quality of life, Hellfish Mixed Martial Arts is the place to go. One thing’s for sure: You will see results from our program, provided you come on a regular basis. If you are committed to training at your best, then we are committed to helping bring you to the top of your game.

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