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Meet the Host 


Jason Feairheller

Personal Trainer


Jason is a co-owner of Function and Strength out of Bridgeport, PA. When Jason began his training career, he had an interest in developing athletic speed and power, and over the past decade, that interest has turned into a passion. In addition to training, he has lectured on strength and conditioning as an adjunct professor at Immaculata University. Jason has been sought out for his knowledge and application for speed and power development. Jason has also been featured on several podcasts talking about his concept of Multidirectional Power. He has also contributed articles on speed training, as well as taught the course, “Functional Speed Training for the Fitness Professional and Healthcare Provider.”


Ryan Heickert



Ryan is a co-owner of Function and Strength out of Bridgeport, PA. He enjoys training individuals and teams of all levels. He specializes in providing all clients with function and strength that is key for an overall healthy lifestyle. Ryan feels, “It does not matter if you are an elite level athlete or retiree’, training is needed for everyone.”


Ryan began his career in Ontario, Canada where he specialized in sports performance with NHL, MLL, and NCAA athletes. Since he has been in the USA, Ryan has trained Olympians and everyone from corporate America employees, stay-at-home-parents, weekend warriors, and adolescents’ and has helped them reach their goals in body composition, fitness, and sports performance.

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